In "Cardboard walkers", characters dressed in cardboard costumes wander through the streets of the city. Their cardboard-covered faces and bodies turn them into automatons trapped in their own world, creating an eerie atmosphere of quiet beauty.
Special care has been taken in the design of the costumes, which are halfway between religious vestments, armor and futuristic costumes. Recycled cardboard, an economical, sustainable and recyclable material, is used to make the costumes. The patterns are cut with a plotter.
This project is situated between fashion and urban art, presenting the "Cardboard walkers" as walking sculptures that invite us to reflect on loneliness in urban environments.
The project "Cardboard walkers" have been meticulously created through a careful iterative process using the Midjourney artificial intelligence. Emilio Alarcón is a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Madrid.
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