Greenhouse buses

"Greenhouse Buses" is a project to transform intercity mobility by turning electric buses into mobile greenhouses. This proposal aims to address the challenges of global warming and the lack of green spaces in cities. 

The concept behind the greenhouse buses is to take advantage of the space available on the buses to grow plants, shrubs and small trees, turning them into an itinerant oasis in the middle of urban environments. The buses are enclosed structures, making them ideal for creating a controlled greenhouse-like environment. Sunlight can penetrate through transparent or translucent bubbles made of materials such as glass, EFTE (ethylene teflon) or polycarbonate, allowing plants to receive the light necessary for photosynthesis.

To ensure the correct operation of the greenhouse bus, several technical aspects must be considered. It is important to have an adequate ventilation system to regulate the temperature and humidity inside the bus, thus avoiding excess heat and moisture accumulation that could negatively affect plant growth. In addition, anchoring systems should be implemented to ensure that the plants are secured to the bus body or structure and there are no safety or vibration problems.

As for the growing method, greenhouse buses could use techniques such as hydroponics, where plants are grown in nutrient solutions instead of traditional substrates, or they could also use lightweight substrates in order to minimize the extra weight generated by the plants and their containers.

In addition to the aesthetic aspect and the creation of green spaces in cities, greenhouse buses could also contribute to reducing environmental impact. By increasing the amount of vegetation, they would help absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) and improve air quality. In addition, they could function as small mobile parks, providing passengers and pedestrians with a more pleasant and natural environment during their journey.

During hot days, the windows and top openings of the greenhouse bus should be opened to allow air circulation. This helps to maintain an appropriate temperature and prevent overheating of the plants. It will also be necessary to create acclimatized areas for passengers.

Everything from giant double-decker buses to minibuses can be adapted.
Maintenance by professional gardeners will be required, mainly for irrigation and disease and pest control.

Emilio Alarcón is a multidisciplinary creative based in Madrid, with extensive experience as an art director in various companies and co-founder of mmmm..., an artistic collective. The project "Greenhouse buses" have been meticulously created through a careful iterative process using the Midjourney artificial intelligence.
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