"Plant Cars" is an innovative initiative that seeks to rethink urban mobility by turning electric cars into mobile gardens. This project aims to address environmental problems such as the scarcity of green spaces in cities.
The idea behind “Plant Cars” is to use the space available inside electric cars to grow plants, shrubs and small trees. The cars, equipped with transparent or translucent covers made of materials such as glass, EFTE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) or polycarbonate, create an ideal greenhouse-like environment that allows sunlight to penetrate, ensuring that plants receive the light necessary for photosynthesis.
Several technical aspects are crucial for the successful operation of “Plant Cars”. An effective ventilation system is essential to regulate the temperature and humidity inside the vehicle, preventing excessive heat and humidity buildup that could hinder plant growth. In addition, anchoring systems must be installed to secure the plants to the body or structure of the car, guaranteeing safety and stability even during movement.
For growing plants, green cars could employ hydroponic systems, where plants grow in nutrient-rich solutions instead of traditional soil. Alternatively, lightweight substrates could be used to minimize the additional weight of plants and their containers, ensuring the cars remain efficient and mobile.
Beyond their aesthetic appeal and the creation of green spaces within urban environments, “Plant Cars” offer significant environmental benefits. By increasing urban vegetation, these cars can help absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) and improve air quality. 
During warm days, windows and car roof openings should be opened to facilitate air circulation, maintaining an adequate temperature and preventing plants from overheating.
“Plant Cars” can adapt to various vehicle sizes, from compact electric cars to larger family-sized models. 
The "Plant Cars" project was meticulously developed through a careful iterative process using advanced artificial intelligence techniques.
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