Learning to fly
This treatise proposes a series of exercises and tips to help humans develop their ability to fly.
Movement in Space

In this chapter, we explore how the act of flying is not limited to mere movement through space, but becomes an intimate interaction with the forces that govern nature.
The first step in learning to fly is to have the desire to fly. If we do not have the desire we will never be able to fly.
The Point of No Return

Trust is vital. At some point, you will have to face fear. When you reach the point of no return, when you are suspended in the air, fear may become your biggest obstacle.
Physical exercises

We also need to develop our strength and flexibility. Flying requires a strong and agile body, which can withstand the strain of flying.
Mental exercises

Flying also requires a concentrated and relaxed mind. When we fly, we must be completely focused on the present moment.
Flying is not only a physical journey, but also an inner journey. When we fly, we explore our own potential and connect with our deepest essence.
The "Learning to fly" project has been meticulously created through a careful iterative process using Midjourney and Adobe Firefly artificial intelligence.

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