"Evocative playgrounds" is a project that reflects on children's playgrounds and has brought to life various play structures of different scales inspired by spaceships, locomotives, boats, and zeppelins. Primarily constructed in wood, these parks also include elements and accessories made of metal and plastic. In "Evocative playgrounds," children can become astronauts, sailors, and explorers, immersing themselves in a world of pure imagination.
These playgrounds are integrated into the thematic design trend, specifically designed to foster children's creativity and imagination. Each of them features a unique theme and offers play structures that stimulate symbolic play and storytelling.
To capture the attention and curiosity of children, bright and vibrant colors have been strategically used. Vibrant red, yellow, and blue have been employed to make the play structures and elements visible and appealing, inviting children to explore and fully participate.
Emilio Alarcón is a multidisciplinary creative based in Madrid with extensive experience as an art director in various companies and was co-founder of mmmm..., an artistic collective. The parks in "Evocative playgrounds" have been meticulously generated using Midjourney through a careful iterative process. Additionally, we have had the valuable collaboration of Mateo Alarcón, our 4-year-old advisor, to ensure that the parks meet children's expectations.
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