"Useless porcelain machines" is a project composed of a set of polychrome ceramic sculptures that reflect the beauty of the useless. Machines, by definition, are built to facilitate or perform a specific task; however, these machines only have an aesthetic function, purely contemplative.
As Marcel Duchamp once said, "An object without any connotation is an object without any utility, and therefore, beautiful. I have always liked the useless in art; reasonableness seems limiting to me." By focusing solely on aesthetics and contemplation, these "useless machines" invite us to reflect on the very nature of beauty.
The sculptures have been created by Midjourney through a meticulous process of iteration. Emilio Alarcón is a multidisciplinary creative based in Madrid. He has extensive experience as an art director in various companies and was a co-founder of the art collective mmmm...

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